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It’s been far too long since the last update…

Apparently, it’s been almost a year. What the heck happened?

Well, to be honest…I plain forgot. Between real life job, my second job as co-director of Stygian Fox, and third job as grand poobah of Squamous Studios, I unfortunately let things like updating this particular site fall by the wayside. Hopefully with the new year, I can get back on track with some more frequent updates. Obviously, I’ve set a low bar for myself last year (*cough cough*), so that’s not really saying much. :/

Anyway! When last I posted something here, I brought up the fact that the Kickstarter for Morsels of Madness, the first expansion for Feed the Shoggoth!, had been launched. So what, you may asked, happened with it? I’m happy to say that it was successful, and we raised over $6,000 to get it published. For the remainder of the year in 2019, I worked on finishing the artwork, editing the cards, laying them all out, and prepping them for sending them off to the printer. Our estimated release date was October, which we obviously have missed.

Where things stand with Morsels of Madness now is that I’m currently awaiting for Damion to finish putting together the box art and design (in fact, I’m in touch with him now as I write this). He did a first pass in late December, and is working on revisions of his initial design. From the sounds of it, he’ll have that all wrapped up by the end of the week, or thereabouts. Once that’s completed, I’ll be uploading all the files to the printer, await the proof to be produced and sent to me. Assuming I approve the proof copy, the full print run will commence.

Meanwhile, Jason of Cryptocurium has been working on the shoggoth mini-minis, and should be getting to the new storage box soon.

That’s where things stand at the moment. When I have the final box art in hand, I’ll share a sneak preview of it with y’all. In the mean time, you can still order copies of the core game here, and once all of our Kickstarter backers have received Morsels of Madness, it’ll be available for sale.