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We’re finally back!

In case you hadn’t noticed, the website here was down for months (years?). During the midst of the pandemic, some asshat decided it would be a fun idea to hack this domain, which brought the entire site to a screeching halt. Since I had way too many other things of a higher priority (like, you know, quarantining, making sure I still had a day job, not getting sick…all the fun things that we collectively had to deal with), I let remain a floating corpse, bobbing up and down in the ether of the internet. Then I kind of forgot about it for a while, then other life events got in the way, then….then…

At any rate, I finally got this whole place fixed, and thus, like a newly-birthed byakhee slithering out of its mother’s viscera, the storefront has returned! One immediate thing I need to do here is add our newest game, Arkham Relic Hunt, to the store (yes, we have a new game!). It’s been out for a while now, but hasn’t been available for purchase on the site yet. After that, we’ll just have to see. 🙂 I might have some old goodies from the first Feed the Shoggoth! Kickstarter that I can offer up for sale.

More than anything, it’s nice to finally be back up and running again. Sheesh.

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Morsels of Madness is in full swing at the printer!

Greetings, fellow pseudopods,

I know, it’s been a few months. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in the gaming industry, from us here at Squamous Studios, to our printing company. Because China got hit first, there have been severe impacts with our printer’s facility there, and it was only last month that they started recovering and could bring their workforce back in. Thankfully, things have settled down there to the point where they can spin up production again, which means (among other things) that Morsels of Madness in in full printing production there! I believe that the last estimated ship range was some where in the late-May range, but of course with the world the way it is right now, no one can guarantee anything. We have our fingers crossed, though.

In the meantime, however, I can share with you some photos of the physical proof we received in the mail a few weeks ago. Credit goes once again to Damion Mosier-Tidd for his fantastic design of the box art:

Once we have more info on a definite arrival time, we’ll of course let you know. We’ll need to send out the rewards to our backers first. After we do that, we can make the expansion available to the general public. 🙂

That’s all for now. Stay safe and healthy!


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It’s been far too long since the last update…

Apparently, it’s been almost a year. What the heck happened?

Well, to be honest…I plain forgot. Between real life job, my second job as co-director of Stygian Fox, and third job as grand poobah of Squamous Studios, I unfortunately let things like updating this particular site fall by the wayside. Hopefully with the new year, I can get back on track with some more frequent updates. Obviously, I’ve set a low bar for myself last year (*cough cough*), so that’s not really saying much. :/

Anyway! When last I posted something here, I brought up the fact that the Kickstarter for Morsels of Madness, the first expansion for Feed the Shoggoth!, had been launched. So what, you may asked, happened with it? I’m happy to say that it was successful, and we raised over $6,000 to get it published. For the remainder of the year in 2019, I worked on finishing the artwork, editing the cards, laying them all out, and prepping them for sending them off to the printer. Our estimated release date was October, which we obviously have missed.

Where things stand with Morsels of Madness now is that I’m currently awaiting for Damion to finish putting together the box art and design (in fact, I’m in touch with him now as I write this). He did a first pass in late December, and is working on revisions of his initial design. From the sounds of it, he’ll have that all wrapped up by the end of the week, or thereabouts. Once that’s completed, I’ll be uploading all the files to the printer, await the proof to be produced and sent to me. Assuming I approve the proof copy, the full print run will commence.

Meanwhile, Jason of Cryptocurium has been working on the shoggoth mini-minis, and should be getting to the new storage box soon.

That’s where things stand at the moment. When I have the final box art in hand, I’ll share a sneak preview of it with y’all. In the mean time, you can still order copies of the core game here, and once all of our Kickstarter backers have received Morsels of Madness, it’ll be available for sale.

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Morsels of Madness Kickstarter is now live!

Hello, fellow pseudopods! We’re super excited to announce that as of a few minutes ago, the Kickstarter for the first expansion of Feed the Shoggoth!, Morsels of Madness, is now live! New Minions, new Spells and Artifacts, new Cult Factions, and some cheat sheets for the rules! Oh, and did we mention that one of the new Spells summons a second Shoggoth to the fray?

Wanna get in on the action? You can check out the Kickstarter and make your pledge by going here!

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Morsels of Madness Kickstarter coming January 2019

Hey, fellow pseudopods,

We’ve been gathering feedback on the Kickstarter page, and polishing it up in order to get it properly ready for launch. With the holidays imminent, we’ve decided that it would be best to slightly delay the Kickstarter until the first of the year. This will give us time to make some final tweaks, and let everyone’s wallets recover a bit from the holiday shopping season. Once we go live, we’ll announce it here! Thanks for your patience.

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Unnamable things are starting to stir from their undead slumber…

Last year, we at Squamous Studios began to throw around design ideas for an expansion to Feed the Shoggoth, with the hopes of having the cards done in some fashion before 2017 was up. Alas, due to other deadlines and commitments, we weren’t able to hit that target date. But I’m happy to report that earlier this year, we got the development of the first expansion underway! As of right now, the rules are pretty much done (sans a bit of tweaking), and most of the artwork has been sketched out by yours truly. I’m now in the process of doing the final artwork, and running some more play test demos to get some final feedback before we lock the designs down.

And speaking of demos, we have two big events coming up! First, on April the 28th, we’ll be participating in International Tabletop Day at Games of Berkeley. Come join us from 11-5, where you can try out the first expansion yourself.

Second, we’ll be attending KublaCon in late May, as part of Squamous Studios’ booth, running games all weekend in the Dealer’s Room! We will have prizes to give away, as well as a special, exclusive Minion card created just for the event. In addition to the expansion, we’ll also be hosting play test demos of a brand new game that’s in development, called Arkham Relic Hunt. It’s really good. You should check it out.

So, you may ask- what will this first expansion contain? Funny you should ask! One of the biggest additions are the new Minion cards. These Minions, instead of just giving you a point, will also have a special effect tied to them. The Re-Aminated Minion, for example, will go back to your hand instead of the Graveyard, so that it can be fed to the Shoggoth a second time. There will be three new Factions, more Artifacts, and more Spells…including one spell that will summon a second Shoggoth onto the table. As you might imagine, that changes up the gameplay quite a bit…

As a preview, you can see three examples of some of the new cards below. Obviously, the artwork isn’t finished yet…

That’s all for the moment! We’ll have another update soon, along with some completed artwork to display. Be seeing you!

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Win a copy of FtS during Extra Life!

Hello, fellow pseudopods,

Squamous Studios is proud to be participating in this year’s Extra Life, partnering up with the New England Gamers group to help raise money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Extra Life is a benefit wherein gamers run gaming events for 24 hours straight, and will kick off 3pm EST. You’ll have the chance to win one of several copies of Feed the Shoggoth during the Call of Cthulhu RPG event during the live stream. Head on over to this Friday, November 17th, and get in on the action! You can pitch in donations to have terrible things happen to the investigators during the CoC session; who knows, perhaps one of them will get eaten by a shoggoth…

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New Interview up, and a show of support to

Hello, fellow pseudopods,

First up, we wanted to tell you about an interview we did with Dark Tower Games recently, in which we discussed a number of projects that we at Squamous Studios have been involved in. Much of it focuses on the book design work that we do, but Feed the Shoggoth! talked about as well. You can check it out by heading here.

Second, and more importantly, there’s a bit of sad news to mention. Some of you may be familiar with the website (otherwise known as YSDC). It has been one of the premier websites to support the HP Lovecraft and Cthulhu game community, whether it be Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, the various board and card games, or whathaveyou. The fellow that runs the site, Paul McClean, is an incredibly sweet and nice person.

There was a project started a few years ago to help raise money to support YSDC, in the form of a book called the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion. A Kickstarter was formed, the project was successful, and a few years later, the book was released.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances i’m not entirely familiar with, there was an accounting error somewhere along the way, and the publisher ended up being short about £10,000. Paul, not wanting to see anyone lose money from this, gave that publisher that 10k back, out of his own pocket. That’s…a shit ton of money. And in order for Paul to try to mitigate that loss, he’s decided to sell his entire collection of CoC material. Of which he’s been accumulating since 1982.

Well, in an effort to give back a little support to Paul and YSDC, i, along with some other publishers, are having a fundraiser. From now until midnight, July 1st, i will be offering copies of Feed the Shoggoth! at a discount. Use this coupon code at checkout: YOGGIE17 , and you’ll get $5 off the core game. In addition, for every purchase during the fundraiser, $5 will be donated to YSDC to help keep it running.

Thanks for reading this. Our gaming community, while growing every year, is still pretty small, and sites like are integral to keeping it alive and thriving.

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The Shoggoth minis are here!

We’re very happy to announce that the brand new Shoggoth minis are in house, and ready for purchase! Jason McKittrick, as usual, did a stunning job bringing these miniatures to life, and now they can be yours. We have them available in four colors: Putrid Purple, Baleful Black, Blasphemous Bronze, and Grotesque Green. You can check out a picture of them below:

You can get one for $10 plus shipping, but we’re also offering a special; a 4-pack of Shoggoth minis for just $30 (plus shipping, natch)! Head over to the store and check ’em out!