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New Interview up, and a show of support to

Hello, fellow pseudopods,

First up, we wanted to tell you about an interview we did with Dark Tower Games recently, in which we discussed a number of projects that we at Squamous Studios have been involved in. Much of it focuses on the book design work that we do, but Feed the Shoggoth! talked about as well. You can check it out by heading here.

Second, and more importantly, there’s a bit of sad news to mention. Some of you may be familiar with the website (otherwise known as YSDC). It has been one of the premier websites to support the HP Lovecraft and Cthulhu game community, whether it be Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, the various board and card games, or whathaveyou. The fellow that runs the site, Paul McClean, is an incredibly sweet and nice person.

There was a project started a few years ago to help raise money to support YSDC, in the form of a book called the Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion. A Kickstarter was formed, the project was successful, and a few years later, the book was released.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances i’m not entirely familiar with, there was an accounting error somewhere along the way, and the publisher ended up being short about £10,000. Paul, not wanting to see anyone lose money from this, gave that publisher that 10k back, out of his own pocket. That’s…a shit ton of money. And in order for Paul to try to mitigate that loss, he’s decided to sell his entire collection of CoC material. Of which he’s been accumulating since 1982.

Well, in an effort to give back a little support to Paul and YSDC, i, along with some other publishers, are having a fundraiser. From now until midnight, July 1st, i will be offering copies of Feed the Shoggoth! at a discount. Use this coupon code at checkout: YOGGIE17 , and you’ll get $5 off the core game. In addition, for every purchase during the fundraiser, $5 will be donated to YSDC to help keep it running.

Thanks for reading this. Our gaming community, while growing every year, is still pretty small, and sites like are integral to keeping it alive and thriving.

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