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Unnamable things are starting to stir from their undead slumber…

Last year, we at Squamous Studios began to throw around design ideas for an expansion to Feed the Shoggoth, with the hopes of having the cards done in some fashion before 2017 was up. Alas, due to other deadlines and commitments, we weren’t able to hit that target date. But I’m happy to report that earlier this year, we got the development of the first expansion underway! As of right now, the rules are pretty much done (sans a bit of tweaking), and most of the artwork has been sketched out by yours truly. I’m now in the process of doing the final artwork, and running some more play test demos to get some final feedback before we lock the designs down.

And speaking of demos, we have two big events coming up! First, on April the 28th, we’ll be participating in International Tabletop Day at Games of Berkeley. Come join us from 11-5, where you can try out the first expansion yourself.

Second, we’ll be attending KublaCon in late May, as part of Squamous Studios’ booth, running games all weekend in the Dealer’s Room! We will have prizes to give away, as well as a special, exclusive Minion card created just for the event. In addition to the expansion, we’ll also be hosting play test demos of a brand new game that’s in development, called Arkham Relic Hunt. It’s really good. You should check it out.

So, you may ask- what will this first expansion contain? Funny you should ask! One of the biggest additions are the new Minion cards. These Minions, instead of just giving you a point, will also have a special effect tied to them. The Re-Aminated Minion, for example, will go back to your hand instead of the Graveyard, so that it can be fed to the Shoggoth a second time. There will be three new Factions, more Artifacts, and more Spells…including one spell that will summon a second Shoggoth onto the table. As you might imagine, that changes up the gameplay quite a bit…

As a preview, you can see three examples of some of the new cards below. Obviously, the artwork isn’t finished yet…

That’s all for the moment! We’ll have another update soon, along with some completed artwork to display. Be seeing you!

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