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We’re finally back!

In case you hadn’t noticed, the website here was down for months (years?). During the midst of the pandemic, some asshat decided it would be a fun idea to hack this domain, which brought the entire site to a screeching halt. Since I had way too many other things of a higher priority (like, you know, quarantining, making sure I still had a day job, not getting sick…all the fun things that we collectively had to deal with), I let remain a floating corpse, bobbing up and down in the ether of the internet. Then I kind of forgot about it for a while, then other life events got in the way, then….then…

At any rate, I finally got this whole place fixed, and thus, like a newly-birthed byakhee slithering out of its mother’s viscera, the storefront has returned! One immediate thing I need to do here is add our newest game, Arkham Relic Hunt, to the store (yes, we have a new game!). It’s been out for a while now, but hasn’t been available for purchase on the site yet. After that, we’ll just have to see. 🙂 I might have some old goodies from the first Feed the Shoggoth! Kickstarter that I can offer up for sale.

More than anything, it’s nice to finally be back up and running again. Sheesh.