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Store expansion

Just a small note that Feed the Shoggoth! will (or should be shortly, as soon as the shipment arrives) be available at Tyche’s Games in Athens, Georgia. You can find more information on their store at the How to Buy page.

Also, we’re about to make our first foray into the overseas brick and mortar market! I’ll post more about this soon, but let me say now that it’ll be so cool to have FtS! for sale in Denmark. 😀 I’m hoping this will be the first of many, as i’ve been getting a lot of requests from the UK for the game.

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Board Game Quest reviews FtS!

It’s been out for a little while now, but it’s still definitely worthy of posting here. The website Board Game Quest posted a review of Feed the Shoggoth! in late April. Here’s a snippet of what they had to say:

The two main strengths of Feed the Shoggoth! are the replay value and the Shoggoth card. The huge variety of the Faction, Spell, and Artifact cards help make each game experience different each time you play. You will find that the Spell and Artifact cards have a few repeated cards, but for the most part, especially with the Artifacts, all are almost completely unique. Having a different game experience is ideal for replay.

You can read the entire review by checking out this page on Board Game Quest’s site.


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FtS! featured as part of Gamescape North’s Gotta Play

I wish i’d known about this before…apparently, Feed the Shoggoth! was one of the featured games in Gamescape North’s Gotta Play line up. It just happened April 30th, and i found out about it…well, just now. Otherwise, i’d be telling you to head over to Gamescape North (if you’re in the area, of course), and give it a try!


Still, i’m very honored for FtS! to have been selected. And they also just posted a really nice review of the game here:

Review: Feed the Shoggoth

In addition, i’ve heard tell that FtS! will get a mention in a certain newsletter put out by a certain company…name rhymes with “Dayosium”, i think…