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Reviews are coming in!

We just got this great review from Father Geek, which was rated Gamer Geek Approved!

Feed the Shoggoth! has so many twists and turns, amazing comebacks and spectacular downfalls that the game often feels like a dark satirical soap opera rather than a card game. It all comes down to the way players interact with each other. Everything is geared to do one of two things: get eaten or get someone else eaten. The entire time I was playing it I kept thinking, “If Mel Brooks ever made a movie based on H.P. Lovecraft, this would be it.” Dark slapstick disparaging humor at its finest.

You can read the full review at Father Geek’s website.  If you want to find out how to get a copy of Feed the Shoggoth!, please click on the How to Buy tab at the top!

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