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More stores, and a demo this Saturday!

Hey everyone,

First, we’re happy to announce that Feed the Shoggoth! is in two more stores- Shall We Play Games in Las Vegas, and Snydepels in Denmark!

Second, we’ll be running a demo of FtS! at Heretic Games in San Bruno, this Saturday from noon to 4. Come on down to say hi and give the game a spin.

Heretic Games is located here. See you then!

2 thoughts on “More stores, and a demo this Saturday!

  1. Well, that kind of odd! If the most number of these shoggoth minis you sell is 4 and the basic game requires 3 – 6 players what happens when players 5 and 6 want to play but there is only enough shoggoth minis for 4 people? Do the remaining players have to get stuck playing with cardboard markers? How cheapo is that for a game that allow 6 players but only provides 4 minis markers for 4 players?!

    1. Hi Terry,

      You only need one Shoggoth mini (or card, which is included in the base game) in order to play the game. That one shoggoth is rotated around the table between all of the players; each player does not control his or her own Shoggoth. I have offered up the option to purchase all four shoggoth minis because I had several people ask me ahead of time if they would be able to collect all four. I hope that clears things up!



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